Unaccessible places

The world is different when you sit. Things are out of reach.

As you can imagine supermarkets are not arranged for kids, little people or people who use a wheelchair. Parking places especially for people with a handicap don't exist without reason. I used to be a very tall girl, 5'8. I'm still tall but now I sit down. My little brother was about the same height as me sitting when he was seven. It doesn't sound like a big deal but I experience the world on a whole other level.

I recently wanted to sign up for therapy, to do some more trauma therapy because I feel like It's still a thing. If I see commercial with skiing or snow it haunts me. I don't want that to be a thing. So I want to work on it. Anyway, so I did research on the available therapist in the area and contacted to ask If I could be put on the waiting list and if the locations are accessible. Guess what? Neither one of the 4 I approached is accessible. And this is a form of care that should be accessible for any person right?

Another example; I decided I want to try some other things, like gliding in a glider plane. I saw a video once, got inspired to try it, I looked up two facilities in the area and again, they had to tell me It's not accessible. So okay, too bad, no flying for me.

The restaurant experience is a horrible one. There are around 580 places in the food service industry around in my city. Let's say 200 are restaurants and cafe's. Up to today I just found 15 places that are accessible. And with accessible I mean that I can enter the location without help and that there is an accessible toilet. Maybe there are a few more I did not discover yet but it's not very likely because I do my research.

Here are some crazy ideas, most bridges that have bike lanes or walking lane, have stairs. But not elevator. I think they should have that. More flat/even and accessible roads, not just for wheelchairs, also for people with baby buggies, strollers, walkers, bikes, and basically all other things with wheels. I see so many old people struggling with walkers and If the population keeps aging, they need this too! And the last one, just more, way more, accessible toilets. In a western society like here in Holland it should be normal.

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